Winter snow brings the feeling of Christmas, winter driving.

Along the sparkling peaceful landscape while snowy tree branches bow during the quiet calm moments. The ride was comfortable while the heater keeps the passengers warm, from the fresh cool breath of air which awaits them outside.

Like other trips this little car was prep for various weather conditions. Headlights, tail lights were checked and polished. The road film was removed from the windows so the windshield wipers can work at ease during ice or slush.

The fluids were top, belts, battery terminals, filter and oil checked if not changed, and the excess wear on the tires checked before leaving home.

“Sparky’s” owner was told it was a little late to order snow tires, the best time was between March through August for small cars, also Chevrolet warranty on Sparky would be cancelled if snow chains or cables were used, so she discovered an alternative called an Auto Sock which is approved by Cal Trans, unless advise differently due to weather and road conditions.

A few little things were put in a cloth zipper bag, like a solar hand crank flash light, jumper cables, windshield ice scraper, gloves, first-aid kit. With the spare tire flares were stored safely away. In another small cloth zipper bag 2 emergency blankets to put on the ground, besides being used for warmth. A dri towel, gloves as well as dri socks and a stocking cap for the head to help keep body heat.

For between the drives or a needed stop a small cooler was stuff with a few bottles of water, a few bottles of coconut water, and high protein snacks. And lastly a full tank of gas to keep Sparky’s engine purring.

Yes, Winter snow brings the feeling of Christmas, winter driving

“Merry Christmas and the best of the coming year”







Melanie – Siskiyou Lady Riders – Whisper a Prayer

While the fusion of rich leads and low mellow basses strums on, a subliminal message is echoed from the drumming in the background.

The ticking rhythm floats effortless as the words dance unbind through my brain.
“She gonna Ride,” “She gonna Ride,” “She gonna Ride,” – “O-Kay”

Then the leads strings rolls its language off the wire playing louder near my ears, as the words dance again I can hear.
“Your day just begun, and you want to ride on, “O-Kay”
“She gonna Ride, “She gonna Ride,” “She gonna Ride,” “O-Kay”

Without thought, I take a deep breath of morning air, as the pulsation of rhythm throbs my ears, my eyes open accompanied with a grin while the echo in my brain still plays.
“She gonna Ride, “She gonna Ride, “She gonna Ride” “O-Kay”

When my feet touched the floor the rhythm soften yet not fading away,
I then thought of Melanie Jackson, one of the girls with Siskiyou Lady Riders whom is recovering from a motorcycle accident and Nancy Rogers with Ace High Leathers whom keeps us girls and friends in the loop of what’s going on..

My prayers of gratitude and Angels healing had join the other whispers, spoken and unspoken. Images of past, present and future pressed in mind and in frame brings a grin. Mahalo Aloha for Nancy and Aloha with Blessing for Melanie, and safe journey for all that love to ride.


Spyders at – Trees of Mystery in Klamath, Ca.


U.S. Route 101 also known as “Oregon Coast Hwy” when in Oregon and “Pacific Hwy” in sections of California house historic roadside attraction one of which is “Trees of Mystery”


As a child I remember myths of a place that had gravitational attraction, which no longer stands today. Yet the giant statues of  “Babe” the blue ox whom was helpful around the camp and “Paul Bunyan” the lumberjack still stand greeting people as they come and go. “Babe” was always my favorite storybook and cartoon character since childhood.


I always liked visiting the “End of the Trail”museum which is now larger, free, with only a request of $3.00 donation which is not in plain sight,  (the donation is well worth it) and the museum allows No flash pictures.

DoginStoreAnother change  I notice this year is signs of “Dog friendly”, please keep on lease are welcome. I explained to an elder gentleman behind the counter, since my last visit with HidieRose, Malia, and Halei, the grounds didn’t allow dogs.

The owner stated, “During the past five years we been allowing dogs on lease due to the weather change and we didn’t want the visitor to have to leave the pet in the car. We didn’t post signs.  The dog owners greatly care about the redwoods as we do and it seems everything is working out well for all of us”.


For visitors that have a bit of disability or just don’t want to walk the trail they offer a shuttle that would take you to the forest gondola to enjoy the tip of the redwoods forest canopy.


For myself when I return next time I like to walk the wilderness trail from Ted’s Ridge Observation Deck. It’s only a one mile back down the mountain, Trees of Mystery ask “experienced hikers with proper footwear”.  “How Fun!”


After the group ride ended Ron and I ventured over to the Forest Cafe, good food, nice people and good service day. A little something for adults and children, with affordable prices.


Spyders to the Redwoods


The open air was warm as our bikes crossed over the Pacific Hwy at Grants Pass onto the Redwood Hwy heading west. A collage of late summer browns fills the landscape this time of the year allowing soft fall colors work its way into the scene. As the wheels continued rolling on the pavement a veil, cool and damp covered my neck and hands as if announcing, “you are here”. The forest floor became dark as the tall trees filtered the already hazy light even more. I welcome the cool air as if it was water quenching a thirst, while smiling to myself knowing we will soon drift off course and stop for the evening.


Spiders – Squared Away


What a great way for a Spyder Lover to get Laser track alignment for his  Can-Am Spyder Roadster and enjoy “The Spiders in the Redwoods” fifth annual event, this time at Blue Lake Casino, Blue Lake California.


Joe and Ann Meyer from Las Vegas, NV, has been a gem for our trip in so many ways. Like most Spyder owners including us have or once had excessive tire wear on the roadster. Traveler’s also notice the ride doesn’t feel right while driving down the road.

Last year Ron took his yellow 2008 GS Roadster to Portland, Oregon for a laser track alignment, put on a set of new tires and came home a happy rider. This spring when he received his white Spyder F3 he knew this was one of the things on his “Get done List”.


Ron notice the before and after action of the roadster and was real please on the group ride to Ferndale and Loleta Cheese Factory, that very same day.

Morning of day 2 we cancel out of the group ride for “Avenue of the Giants” since the F3 reverse wasn’t working properly. After a couple of calls to the dealership, Ron took his problem to the Meyers. Joe heard Ron’s words and told him what it wasn’t. Then asked him to bring the bike over and he’ll check it on his Bud system to record the steering sensors. The bike checked out fine, then Ann took it for a test run, I enjoyed watching how she had that bike kick-ass and Joe had it on two wheels. “Joe said he might of felt something but very slight if anything”.


All in all, Ron will never have his F3 on two wheels or have his F3 kick-ass like Ann can in a parking lot, but we do know the Meyers are very good, happy and like what they do. “Squared Away LLC”
Las Vegas, NV 89142
616-581-1304 ( ask for Joe )

Photo on the road

Today’s world makes taking pictures easier when using a digital camera, or using your cell phone.


At one time books flood the market telling us why go digital, how we would have instant gratification. So true, today we can send a picture to a friend or that one special person in our life.

I don’t have to  wait until a picture is printed before seeing it, since digital cameras have a display screen or LCD ( Liquid Crystal Display.
This also allows us to cut a picture taken if we decide not to keep it.

Where would camera’s be now if Kodak followed through with the first digital camera.,

Yes, I do have both, but I use the digital more for cost reason.


Megapixel and resolution work together. The higher number the pixels, the better resolution and quality.  For myself 6 megapixel will take care of all my needs, since I do not print larger than poster-size prints.

5  megapixel will allow me a print 11 x 14 to about 16 x 20 depending on my shot.


4  megapixel makes a nice 8 x 10 and from here I crop and play around with my photos.

My poor old cell-phone has a 2 megapixel camera, print size 4 x 6.


I also like the ease of self-service photo kiosk, allowing me to mail the pictures out the same day if wish.

Here’s a few tips I use for making nice prints;

A.     I like to keep my camera set on the highest resolution and lowest compression setting.

B.     I like using my digital zoom, but I keep in mind it will distort and many times make the picture fuzzy, so I use it when I want the picture to look soft, such as landscape, ocean views and night shots.

C.     I do not use a video camera to take still shots, it’s just not my thing, but it is do-able.

D.     I have lost pictures from my memory card, so backup your card when the pictures are important to you.

E.     When burning a CD of the images to print, be sure it actually worked. The print shop is an hour from the our home, It only took me one time, to learn and remember that mistake.

Rock-n-Rolling emerge at Classic Car Show

Pop music from the 50’s! Classic Cars everywhere!
Horseshoe Tournment!

Dancing Girls….

Classic Car Show FortJones

Fort Jones Lions – Fall Festival Classic Car Show

 While some people kept with the beat of the music, other car buffs were admiring the dream car they once had, or a dream project that will be.
Besides the Classic pop music playing in the back ground,
local I-Dancer’s of Scott Valley, entertain the public with a musical delight presentation of the 1950s high school all time favorite “Grease”.

girlsdance7678 web

The girls hairstyle, pompom skirts and tight leather jackets  made those lightning cars on the field fit right in with the show.

Classic Car Show FortJones

When I see Classic Cars, I think of movies, like Indiana Jones, Carz, or remember ….Da plane da plane, the Phymouth Volar’e in the TV show “Fantasy Island”, and how about the movie “Rain Man” with the Buick Roadmaster.

event7579 web

My parents had several big cars Pontiac Bonneville which they enjoyed cruising in parades, also the Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner another sweet convertible.

Classic Car Show FortJones

In the mid 50’s, introduction of this Fairlane 500 Skyliner with power retractable hardtop was an attention getter. For more information on this Americas car visit,

Classic Car Show FortJones

Classic Car Show FortJones

One of the places to look for a classic car on the internet is “old ride . com”.  Type in your favorite car, no matter if its working or rusty. It’s also a good place for a good read, visit

The second Saturday of this month October 11th at Hood River, Oregon is an event that Classic car and air lover won’t want to miss. My sister, I, including her husband Ray really enjoyed the day. You might be lucky to get to ride in an old car too. Free parking, and an area to eat.
For more information call (541) 308-1600  and visit

Classic Car Show FortJones

One last thing, Check out the great over-all picture of the Fort Jones baseball field full of Classic Cars, visit and open the calendar for up-coming events, with Fort Jones Lions.     See you their next year!

Just making the days float by…

Just making the days float by…



Have you ever had a time, where just by chance things happen to flow smooth like clock work, everything just fell into place as if it was planned and organized.

Have you ever had an organize plan un-fold in front of you, with different challenges, adding more interest into the plan then expected.


Like Thelma and Louise, Valerie and I were two ladies out on a road trip, Except! to save some driving time we flew out from Medford Airport on a delayed flight, heading toward Las Vegas and there we shall rent a car to continue our journey and destinations.

The first blessing was the delayed flight.


The second blessing on the journey was at the selected car rental agency.
By the time we arrived and stood in line only five people were in front of Valerie, a couple and three individuals. The agency counter had one service person helping clients.


So, I sat still in a nice little chair with Honey, manning the luggage and keeping focus on the progress. In fact as I scan the other rental agency they also were at a stand-still. Forty-five minutes later only two customers were taken care of. When Valerie made it to the counter, I could hear complaints from the new arrivals. Valerie allowed one person to go ahead of her.


The gentleman at the counter asked if Valerie would wait, so he could tend to other customers until help arrived.
She agreed with a request. Thirty-five minutes pass before the second person came on deck, only to help someone else first, by passing Valerie and he also was a bit out-of-place


With luck, our original gentleman accommodated Valerie and the request of up grade, with no extra fees was given. Patience for more than two hours, handed us a white convertible, Valerie blessed it White Goddess.


By this time we were a wee bit tired since it was now after 2 a.m. and the next goal was to get to Main Stripe where night life never dies in Las Vegas. After we cat and mouse our self away from the airport and rental agency we soon arrived to the Hotel.

Our third blessing was a very nice impressive place, except we had a little problem during check-in. First thing I thought was “How long is this going to take,” half-an-hour later we were heading toward the room.


At first glance the room was huge, large enough to invite 20 people over for a cocktail party. Since the room presented a nice feeling, I sat for a moment on the couch, removed my shoes to walk around in my socks, only to find two large  wet spots in the dinette which was carpeted as well.


At first sunrise we both were up, Valerie for her walk, I setting the camera for a few pictures, and Honey still sleeping with her paw under her chin.

Honey and I walked around, Honey smelling grass and trees, while I was looking for that special image with trees and grass for the background. We also glance at the concrete jungle, before returning to a more pleasing playground for Honey.


Before the hour pass our plan was to load the car with a few goodies like a cooler for refreshments, lots of sugar candy bars, chocolate bars, chips, case of water, a few personal items like tooth paste, covers for the seats and on and on.


With the trunk full and a breakfast burritos in hand we were ready. Tired but happy, feeling wild free and silly, we followed the signs out of the city and head south,
singing, laughing, and gabbing, and letting the cell-phone GPS
give directions, our attitude was worriless.


As the hours rolled so did the wheels on the car until we needed to raise the convertible top due to wind shift, coming from behind us.

As the landscape changed I was glued to its beauty, than Valerie started
noticing her favorite cactus hadn’t appeared yet. In fact we notice the GPS
was very quiet for a while as well, but for some reason we let that thought go.


Without realizing it, we were claiming elevation and between spots was small patches of grass with cattle followed by miles again of sand, with flakes of snow lightly coming across the windshield.
Valerie stated once again out loud, “I don’t see any Joshua or any cactus.”  And since I only read about climate and only looked at pictures of landscape with mountains, I had not a clue and just continue to enjoy the view.



As the car continue to roll forward and the snow fall was thickening, as well as  sticking to the road, I looked deeper into the landscape. I suddenly told Valerie, “Cactus does not grow in snow this thick”. We than realize we missed the turn off about a 100 miles behind us.
Than the song “100 miles Away from Home” started playing in my head. About 17  to 22 miles behind us was a construction area, where we just bypass  state highway 89 exit.


I watch the temperature drop to 34 degrees, as the white goddess turned around heading back toward the sunshine and from Interstate 40 we headed south on highway 89.  Squalls were in sight and the landscape changed again as the temperature raised quickly to the upper 50’s.


As we proceeded south the car was hit hard by a passing dust devil, this first one ready Valerie for the few smaller ones that welcomes us as well to Arizona.

Just before sunset we stopped to visit a few friends, than headed on to our destination.
Our forth blessing also took us by surprise. The place was very nice on the outside, but our room really didn’t represent the pictures seen on the internet.
Since we arrived just before the office closed, we stayed in the room that seem to me be under some type of construction since the kitchen wasn’t completed in one room. The next morning, I requested a change explaining what we were given was not what we requested.  After a bit of influence a gentleman came over quickly and answered my request.



Since, Valerie and I needed to leave they allowed our luggage to stay in the room as well as offering us the keys to our new quarters.

When the rush of the day pass and with our luggage in hand we open the door to our new room, much better. Later satisfied and rested almost sound asleep, a familiar alarming sound started off, one that my dog Missy hates. She dislike it so much she would jump on me than go to the alarm and barks at it.


So here we are in my room after 11pm running for a chair from the dinette area, so I could disconnect the battery. The sound was so harsh Honey couldn’t handle it. I’m sure we made enough noise to waken the people above us as well as below our room.


Taking the battery out didn’t shut it off completely, but it did cut the sound down to a chirp. As luck would have it, no one was on duty after 10pm, but we had the keys to the other room so I exchanged batteries.

The following morning I’m in the office before it’s open to customers, explaining my concern. The young lady was very helpful and said “That happens a lot,” continuing with “We don’t have anyone on duty after the office is closed, so exchanging the batteries out, you won’t be charged an extra fee.”  We laugh, about the whole thing and continued until a customer entered the room.  It was good to met someone with a sense of humor first thing in the morning.


Valerie and I had many other little blessing that taught us how to float during this journey.
For example;  it is better to cook, instead going out to eat.
Also do not put your room keep in the same pocket as your cell phone.


We learn customers steal chili-pepper and tabasco sauce from popular restaurant, so were better off carry our own seasonings, if or when we go out for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.


We learn that our car had a flexible cord holding something in place when we lift the hood to check the transmission fluid, So with a little bit of work on Valerie  part and several hours out of a day the white goddess was ex-changed for a smokey gray color convertible, freeing us from a problem cruise control, and a possible transmission failure.  And the list goes on….


Out of every negative outcome, something change for the better, it was work yet it was better.  The teaching through this journey isn’t finished yet, but


Learning how to float is very important, while having good friends with fresh ideas always helps.    No journey is without a learning experience.  Think good and good things happen.

San Francisco Waterfront book 1

san francisco streetsign- Kearny

San Francisco is known for its cool winters and foggy mornings, and if you don’t like the weather just wait a few minutes. This special Saturday morning I was enjoying a walk with my family to the waterfront from the downtown section of San Francisco. LeRonka in SanFrancisco

For winter it was quite remarkable weather, the local people told me. I saw few clouds if any, light breeze if any, in fact just a light sweater would be enough for me once we are out of the shade.

market st

The warmth from the sun overhead was well received.

S.F. business buildings

During our walk there was so many little thing we could do while enjoying the moment. flowershop in S.F.

flowershop in S.F. loven it

Starbucks in downtown San Francisco

The presents of the aromatic fragrants coming from the flowers were like perfumes. The colorful grouping was amazing, some varieties of tulips, varieties of daisies, roses, peony, and greenery, and more.

Yet, before we continue this adventure we had to have a Coffee Recess.

San Francisco, happyperson

From the coffee shop, the life in the big city was moving with every tick of the clock. People working, people shopping, cars stop and go as the lights signal timed them on.

people shopping in SanFrancisco

Today we are going to visit the Ferry Building Marketplace, for the morning Farmers Market which is a spirited gathering of good quality local farmers, wonderful artisan producers, independent food catering, including plenty of gourmet gallerias and cuisine.

San Francisco grant streetmarket street San Francisco

The experience was exciting walking down Market Street again after several decades. The architectural perspective was amazing mixing of Turn-of-the-Century buildings with Sweeping Towers, that allow residents blend in among the collection of shops.

Ritz Carlton Club and Resident SanFranciscoPalomar Buildingskyscaperjapanese sweet shop

The Ninth Island

Las Vegas Strip is always changing to meet the economics of todays world. For me it’s known as the adult playland, of eating, drinking, gambling, shopping, shows, and richness of fun for couples, families, and singles. It has created
a spot for all creatures and people.  
Yet, there is a part of Las Vegas, Nevada, that visitors don’t see, or hear of, when vacationing along the Las Vegas Strip. Some how the downtown Fremont Street, takes second place. Fremont Street, in Las Vegas is the original site, where the action began in 1905, when an auction of lots took place under a mesquite tree which once stood, where the Union Plaza now stands.

old downtown Las Vegas
 As the years rolled by, the area of business grew, the small settlement became a town, even at one time gambling became outlawed, later studio production for movies was started, railroad, and growth of the city continued. During the years between 1951 through 1962 the U.S. Government began above-ground nuclear testing, outside of Las Vegas.

From, Fremont Street Historical Facts, 
(The U.S. Government begins above-ground nuclear testing at a proving ground 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Eager to capitalize on the tests, downtown hotels serve “Atomic Cocktails” at rooftop parties timed to coincide with the blasts, and Las Vegas reaps worldwide publicity from photographs of mushroom clouds rising in the distance above Fremont Street. The radioactive festivities end in 1962, when the government orders all testing done underground.)

Fremont Street, LasVegas

As more people moved to Las Vegas, so did the hotels, casinos, restaurants, and clubs.
 Everyday and night was full of action, shows, dinners, shops, innocent
pleasures to instant dreams of riches, were impossible to ignore, and it’s still
the same today.

During our sister gathering, hosted by Lee Plevney we enjoyed viewing
her displays in ceramic artistry and learning what the art is really about,
within ones-self expression.
She has a beautiful studio in the up-country of Maui,
where she may-be showing her created new works, Makawao/Pukulani, Maui, HI. and a studio in Virginia.
Dates: December 23, 2013 – March 28, 2014 at Makawao/Pukulani, Maui
 Watch for links to where she may be showing Lee Plevney.    The ceramic pieces are beautiful, as well as use-able.

Fremont St, Las Vegas

During the heat of the day we enjoyed the Las Vegas Strip, but we really wanted to see the past of the traditional coin slot machines. So we took the tram as far as it would go, then hailed a taxi, < ~taxi> ~ allowing us to by-pass the bus route.

The place has changed a little since my last visit.  A barrel vault canopy four blocks long has made a big change, but the Golden Gate which was the original Hotel Nevada in 1906 was still addressed, 1 Fremont St.

golden nuggett casino The mini size casino’s in old downtown Las Vegas, on Fremont Street,
such as the California Casino, El Cortez, and the

Double D, and Fitzgeralds Casino

 up stairs floor of Fitzgerald’s stilled  housed coin slots.  
The traditional coin slot machines were easy to find and it was like an old fashion song to my ears, as the coins dropped to the pan
when I cashed out my winnings. The prices on meals, shows, and we even 
some bargains on souvenirs was worth the window shopping.
No wonder it’s call a mall.

Four Queens Casino

Four Queens, Magnolia veranda still had on their menu, rice and eggs and spam, a favorite for one visiting from Hawaii.

LaBayou casino

 We had previous plans on the Las Vegas Strip so we didn’t see what Fremont Street had to offer, during the evening, but we heard it was worth seeing before we return home.

Like all city growth, corporations, private investors, city council, local laws, 
go through changes for one reason or another.
I came across this article and thought it was worth reading, it just proves it’s a small world. Article by Las Vegas Review-journal, Tuesday, November 5, 2013. “District judge tours Fremont Street Experience to see bar issue firsthand.

Tree of Heaven Campground, Ca.


Within a Klamath National Forest mountains is a nice little campground along the Klamath River, that stays very busy during the months of May through October.
This little 21 camp site is known as, ” Tree of Heaven.”

Tree of Heaven campground

This little heaven not only has a history but today also serves as a perfect place for beginning rafters and kayakers.
The mountain scenery is unstoppable while the waters of the Klamath River is refreshing.  Klamath, was given it name by the Modoc Indians, meaning “Swiftness” in the Chinook language.

trail sign

Tree of Heaven received its name from a tree that is native to Taiwan and central China, which is known as “Tree of Heavenly Light” 
During the gold rush era of the mid 1800s, Chinese brought the seeds of the tree from their homeland for its cultural and medicinal importance.

walk path

With that said, in this little area of flat land near the river edge was a Chinese camp, besides the Chinese locust trees and working in the minds,
the people also grown potatoes and vegetables for food for themselves and to sell to the miners.

The road to enter and exit the park is just as steep today as it was in years past, today the entry still drops suddenly down to the river, with the exception it is paved instead a dirt and gravel road.

 Once you reach the bottom floor, off to the left is tended grass in the day use area, horseshoe pits, and a well shaded area with benchs and tables.

horse shoe court

The camp site areas are well-kept, and a host to help you with your questions.

information board

The self interpretive path makes easy walking for a quarter of a mile.

information station

For more information of Shasta County history of the Chinese please read;

From what I was told, the park has no electrical hook-ups.
The park has no showers or flushing toilets.
And best to call ahead of time since the campground is popular.  


Trip to Fresno, Return through Yosemite

Spring-time has arrived in Siskiyou county, with cool evenings, little snow on the mountain tops. Farmers prep the fields and families ready the gardens. 

bailing hay

I have driven my Smart Car recently with the top down, enjoying the fresh air, just as if I were riding my Honda Trike, except I had my heater on to make up for the chill factor in the air. 


Since winter is dragging on, I outline a little ride through the Yosemite National Park, where the California sun shines with a little more warmth, this time of the year.

Savemart, Fresno

I have to admit this trip was part of a graduation invite for my nephew Stephen Plevney, from Fresno State.  Yet, No matter what the reason maybe for going, the cruise for my sister Ruth, and I, was enjoyable every moment of the way.

Family luncheon

Well, with that said, after leaving Siskiyou County I first cruised south to visit Bonnie at Bonnie Sew Good in Guerneville, then stop for Ruth in Sebastopol. 
The next morning we were off cruising the back roads, I was navigating while Ruth was rubbernecking the sites and learning a few more ways to by-pass the freeway.  
From Sebastopol, there are several back roads heading east to choice from, which will lead you toward Interstate 80 which was our goal. From Interstate 80 near Fairfield I would exit onto CA-12E, stopping at Suisun City, then continue heading on to Lodi, which is a nice ride with a few bumps, lastly we would be heading to CA-99S the Golden State Highway toward Fresno.


The graduation was nice, family get together was enjoyable. Talking and visiting with Stephen till the early morning hours was fun.

2brothers and a son

The next day we were heading north by way of CA-41N to Yosemite Valley, then turn west heading back to Sebastopol.


As we rode north from the south end of the Yosemite National Park on Yosemite Freeway, our first stop was Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino, located in Coarsegold. Keep your eye open cause you’ll pass the entrance without knowing it.


My brother Harry James and his wife Karen enjoyed their over night stay, so by recommendation we stop by as we headed toward Yosemite Valley.   The place was clean, simple and quiet. The resort and casino had several restaurants, a nice buffet, a little court, a shop, the place included a nice pool with views. After our normal donation to the slot machines, we continued.

Yosemite National Park

Wawona Road (CA-41N), A drive through Yosemite National Park, Ca.

Trip to Fresno, Return through Yosemite Page 2

After the enjoyable visit with family in Fresno, Ruth and I were starting a new little adventure heading toward the Yosemite National Park.


The majority of Highway 41-N (Wawona Road) was a nice scenic
two lane route.  
The south entrance to the Yosemite National Park check in station was  simple,  a few questions were exchanged, which afterward I requested a map of the park. 
At the Wawona Information Station, I requested information on the waterfalls within the Yosemite Park.

(OOps, I left my copy of Day Hikes in Yosemite Valley in the hotel room)

Helped by a young volunteer, she recommended a waterfall that was very close to where we were. The directions were simple; we just go back to the main road, turn right, go a little ways, take the first right and just follow the road for a few miles, and at the end is a little dirt path that would take us to a waterfall. 

 So we did.
The drive was a little longer than expected, and when we read the trail markers it also was a little longer walk than expected.  After looking at the path, our clothing was not suitable for the walk.


Traffic on Wawona Road, moved slow which made it very understandable why the park was requesting people to use the free shuttles.
No matter where we looked the landscape spoke for its self. 


The picture above is Yosemite Valley from Tunnel View.

Coming in from the south end of the park, you will exit a tunnel, be ready for traffic crossing the lanes, meaning as you near the end of the tunnel drive a little slower.

The first fall we saw when entering the valley is Bridalveil Fall,
this waterfall can also be seen from Big Oak Flat Road, (CA-120).

For first timers the view is breath-taking and you may not realize to the left as soon as you exit the tunnel is a parking area. This spot is very busy, watch for rushing on coming traffic, before crossing the on-coming lane. 
Park the car, rest and take a few pictures.

Most of the park is wilderness.  The park has some great names from the past that help save this park and timber, such as President Abraham Lincoln, John Muir, President Hoover and more.

waterfall yosemite

The Yosemite Fall is one of the highest waterfalls, its has a total drop of 2,425 feet.  This fall is divided into the Upper Fall, a middle cascade, and the lower Fall

lower yosemite fall

As we entered the South Valley Road, Ruth and I walked to Bridalveil Fall and took a good look at the Cathedral Rocks. All the waterfalls in the Yosemite National Park were full of energy. 
When I stood near one of the plunging thundering waterfalls, I felt refreshed by the gentle cool mist, as it touched  upon my skin.

Big Oak Flat Road, meander just as much as leaving the national park as Wawona Road did when we entered the park.
 The road wanders around curves, as it took us through a few more tunnels with more changing views.

coming out of tunnel

Every year we hear of forest fires. Coming in from CA-41 the south entrance of the Yosemite Park I can see new mixture of vegetation growing between the remains of black match sticks or trees left standing from the effect of a passing forest fire, this type of scene repeated again from Big Oak Flat Road, continuation of CA-120 the highway that enters the park from the north.

fire on hill side, no trees

The picture below is a view from Big Oak Flat Road, CA-120, looking onto the Yosemite Valley.
view from Hwy 120

The next time I see Yosemite National Park,  I will have a book in hand about the waterfalls and hiking trails. I will have camping gear, and I will set a few extra days aside for fun, enjoyment, with rest and relaxation.

Planning a trip whisper, Dehydration

Occasionally, it’s tough being a motor cycle owner, when it comes to deciding which motor bike he/she would want to ride, for a long trip.

A long distance ride is more than just a day trip to a favorite restaurant, then returning home after a couple of hours. Lets say like riding from Yreka,  to Weaverville, using CA-3 South. This short route makes a great day trip and Weaverville is a cute little town to visit.
Scott Valley, Ca

A long distant trip is like riding from California to Denali State Park, Alaska. This type of ride on a motor bike takes a bit more planning as checking road conditions, fuel station locations as well as the distance between them.

And, Long distance rides take a bit more physical wear on your body if you plan to cover 500 miles or more per day.


Comfort is important when resting during the evening, so, give it a great deal of thought if you like to camp or want to motel the evenings . When money is a concern possibly doing  both is an option to cut the cost while traveling and still enjoy a bed every so often to rest those tired muscles.

Plan a head of time for places that have seasonal rate changes such as Bed and Breakfast Hotels, Motels, Cabins, Cabins on Campgrounds and Camping facilities private and public. This is very important, unless you don’t mind riding by the seat of your pants and just take a chance if there will be an available room, and/or place to stay for the evening when you show up.

2 trikes

For example, Ron and I kept an open schedule for flexibility for most of the trip. The exception was the airport, storage for my trike, return flight, and boat trips.  Just by chance, Ron and I arrived two days ahead of time while Super 8 Motel, in Anchorage was still on its winter rate, which was not scheduled into  our plans. The clerk was kind to let us know we just bet the official summer season rates which would have double our cost.

From that moment on I learned to ask about seasonal rate change, including dates for each individual establishment.  It seem as if only the popular places double or triple their rates compared to the nice mom and pop places located out-of-town or down the road away from the tourist attraction. These little places were reasonable, down to earth, even accommodating and fun and real. We enjoyed all the people we met in Alaska and Canada and it has become one of Ron’s favorite places to visit, when motorcycling.

blue moose

Eating right and drinking plenty of water is important. Dehydration is a norm for all riders motorcycling in cold, high humidity, and hot dry weather. Remember dehydration can cause dizziness, and fatigue which can slow your response to decision-making and reaction time, which are very important.

Being an outdoor person myself, a motorcyclist, and venturing in the boating world, I have seen first hand, people become foggy minded and not sweat.
I have also seen time to time a person down from dehydration at beaches and lakes.  And don’t forget they say dehydration can lead to heat stroke.

I have two different ways to keep myself hydrated while driving a motorcycle or trike I should say, on short or long trips, I drink a small bottle of water while refueling the bike at a gas station, or wear my hydration pouch back pack that has a long straw like tube, with a clip to attach to my jacket, including an off and on valve and bite valve to drink.

Keep in mind when you buy a hydration backpack, you would like the reservoir or bladder to have a large opening with a water tight lid. This feature will allow the ease for packing ice cubes, pouring your favorite sports drink, juice, tea or water, inside the opening. This large opening will also allow the ease of cleaning the container afterwards. I like synthetic material for the jacket or back-pack, because of its quick drying ability, its light and can endure  some wear and tear.

On very hot dry days, my hydration bag is under my coat, against my skin over my bathing suit. It does the trick till the next filling station. My bike gets a break with a quick once-over, while I too get refreshed, filling my hydration bag when needed.

” I Do ” 11-11-11

Something about Ashland, Oregon reminds people of the good old days.  At least that’s the era’s that fills my mind as I roam along the street peaking in shops that vary with local artistic displays. 

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I love the old and new combo feeling the community spirit shares. Both newcomers and longtime residents agree that the fall is an excellent time to visit  this beautiful town while the trees showers the streets with its colorful leaves as the gentle breeze assist them dancing along the curb. Meanwhile a beautiful park invites children, teenagers, families, and lovers to mingle and relax among its forest of autumn foliage. Reflecting ponds mirror the rainbow of color trees and buildings standing tall behind them while a song is sung from the running stream as it  gently flows toward the downtown area. This must be one of the reasons why my friend and sister picked Ashland, to be married on the special day of 11-11-11, just before 11 o’clock. There is nothing more meaningful than seeing other people happy and making a difference in their lives. Time becomes timeless, as they gaze into each others eyes. Not a word has to be heard, for their  gentle expression tells all. The air is filled with warm emotion and loving energy as they both whisper ” I Do “, to the universe.

Tails and Tunes

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a fun day with dogs, food, drinks, live music jam by local artists, lots of fun and included a desert auction at the tail end of the event, all this within 3 and half hours.  The Tails and Tunes was held at the Rescue Ranch which is a no kill facility, located in Northern California, in Siskiyou County, just outside the city of Yreka. 

  The weather was very nice with a light passing breeze.   Here is a cute little poem from the     Dog   I talk to him when I’m lonesome, and I’m sure he understands. When he looks at me so attentively, and gently licks my hands; Then he rubs his nose on my tailored clothes, but I never say naught there at,  For the good Lord knows I can buy more clothes, but never a friend like that!    by  W. Dayton Wedgefarth

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Spiders in the Redwoods, event

Spider in the Redwoods

Spyder lovers from all over the country arrived in Eureka, Tuesday, August 2nd for the first annual “Spyders in the Redwood” three-day event which was hosted by Spyder Ryder of America – San Diego and San Francisco Chapters. 

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 Katlyn Gommerman aka “SpyderGirl”  sent Ron and I an invite to join them on this great adventure, riding through the  Coastal Redwood Forest in Humboldt County.

drive through tree

The event was much more than just a ride and viewing the beautiful old growth redwoods, along the Avenue of the Giants. Having a bike, rider and passengers picture taken as we drove through and under one of the three famous living Redwood trees still standing today in Caifornia was included.

After visiting the Shrine drive-thur tree in Myers Flat, four miles south of the Humboldt Redwoods State Park Center, there was still plenty of time to take alternate rides, which were well mapped out with directions and other attractions before dinner.

The visitor center had a wide variety of exhibits, displays and a Kellogg Travel Log, which was constructed from a fallen redwood by Charles Kellogg.

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Later in the evening we rode over the Samoa bridge where a family style group dinner was served at the Samoa Cookhouse.

Menu for the evening was tasty soup and salads with dressings, home-made bread, bakes potatoes, gravy, chicken and apple glazed ham, veggies, sweets, and beverages.

After the sweets were served with a nice cup of coffee, Prize raffles were given out. Looking forward to the next Spyder events, to meet great people, see new things and most of all for the joy of the ride. 

Some favorite locations visited
the 32 mile Avenue of the Giants (which parallels U.S. 101) 
Humboldt Redwoods Visitor Center
The Eternal Tree House Cafe, simple yet good sandwiches
Myers Flat, Shrine Drive Thur Tree
Samoa Cookhouse, Samoa, Ca.
Red Lions (full service) Hotel
Pacific Grill
Eureka Motorsports Center
Old Town Eureka and Waterfront

Spider in the Redwoods

Guerneville,Ca.along Russian River

During my younger years while living in Guerneville, it was known as the place to go for summer fun and it hasn’t change after all these years. Besides business coming and going.   The heart of Guerneville along the Russian River is still the same. Found in Sonoma County it is one of my favorite hangouts.  Johnson’s beach is within walking distance from a neat little coffee shop called Coffee Bazaar on Armstrong Woods Rd.   Great coffee and treats for the early bird, and sitting area outside if your one of those people that enjoy the cool morning while holding something hot to drink as I am. Another place I like to hangout is on Armstrong Woods Rd, a few miles just out-of-town.  805 acres of Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve, with beautiful Sequoia and Redwood trees and some great self-guided hiking trails.

Armstrong Redwood

To read more about this beautiful park and possible future please read

Many small towns sprang up along the river by Russian colonists from nearby Fort Ross between 1812 and 1841.  Seals and sea otters were valuable for their pelts for the Russians during that period, this is possibly how Russian River adapted its name.  According to the USGS, variant names of the Russian River include Misallaako, Rio Ruso, Shabaikai, and Slavyanka.

Agreeable smile

A little kindness goes a long ways during these questionable times.

A simple smile can share a feeling of unspoken words. I was visiting a couple of friends when  I first walked into the Yreka Consignment & Trading Co. outlet. With curiosity of what wonders I may find, I glance at a weathered looking man, with a Ole Grandpappy Amos McCoy grin. He blend in so well with the era furnishings, he caught me gaping at him. He spoke, “Scotty’s my name, come and sit down by me” a very openly invite. His voice filled the room as he commented about the ageless rocking wicker chair just outside the entry door. “It’s over a hundred years old”, proudly he voiced. Scotty was a talker and  he shined as the words “I’m a gold miner”, echoed during his brief stories, one which included his wifes collections of salt and pepper shakers. Meeting Scotty was a great fine for me, he shared beyond the treasure of gold in his story, he shared the valuable wealth in his heart. My next find in the store featured local community supporter, whom presented beautiful fine art prints on bamboo, canvas, or premium watercolor paper, double matt, framed ready to hang. A customers purchase will serve as a donation to the Rescue Ranch Inc., which is a Dog and Adoption facility. The no kill facility is primarily ran by volunteers and contributions.  Along with nursing an animal back to good health, they share kindness and compassion until the pet finds a loving family.

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The Yreka Consignment and Trading Co. presents itself as a simple place, yet it’s another jewel of magic and wonder for the seekers, whom enters the front door.

Looking at staircase

Adventure in downtown San Jose

Remember a popular song written by Hal David, song by Dionne Warwick, and the music was composed by Burt Bacharach, “Do you know your way to San Jose?”.  This catchy tune with easy words to remember is one of many songs I enjoy to sing. Well, with all that said, lets continue.

Nanci, and I signed up for a Landmark Education course, titled Communication: Access to Power.  Being a Landmark Education student of past courses attended in different states, I was looking forward to a class that was just a hop, jump, and skip away from my home.  Like clock work Nanci, picked me up from Vallejo, soon rolling on to San Jose. At that moment we crossed  The Benicia Bridge, softly the rhythm of the popular song  started play in my head “Do you know the way to San Jose”.  During my last visit to San Jose, the downtown area was under-going new construction and face lift. Historic buildings were being bulldozed which was needed for the new face lift at that time. 

Crowne Hotel, San Jose

Today, before our arrival to Crowne Plaza Hotel, we exit highway 87 a little to soon, landing ourselves in uncharted area for both of us. Lets say it was nothing like what I read or compared to the pictures of hotels, business, stores displayed on the internet.  We parked the car, the main oops of our driving directions to us to San Jose, not the hotel. As Nanci, called her husband, I called the hotel. I couldn’t give the hotel enough information of our location, so I boarded a city bus and asked directions,  the bus driver was very helpful yet his axcent made the instructions unclear, so we gave it a try. We returned to the same spot, except this time we parked on a main cross-road. Nanci, called the hotel, and I asked a homeless person for directions. With a little work finally both directions matched. Within seconds the car engine purred, and we were under way again. The city landscape started changing, taller office building, hotels, museums, theaters and the streets were widen, all this within a mile and a quarter from Crowne Plaza Hotel, passenger planes flew over head, drowning out the noise from the street traffic, slowly descending to land at the airport approximately three miles away.

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“Now we know our way to San Jose”……

Cyndi and Mark Baird and Buffalo Broadcasting, KSYC-FM


Buffalo Broadcasting, KSYC-FM

Now, who would have every thought a Siskiyou Lady Motorcycle Riders, would start a new adventure by owning a radio station. Well, if you ever have the opportunity to meet Cyndi and her husband Mark, you would understand why. Cyndi and Mark are a great pair, couple, friends, and to top it off they have a great relationship of communication.

two ladies on motorcycles

Cyndi enjoys people, and shares her skill freely with the Siskiyou Lady Riders Motorcycle group as well as the community. She helps neighbors and friends within her capabilities as well as tending to the needs of Wild Rose Ranch and her family.   She brings life to our group outings, and I’m sure she will keep the sparkle in her new adventure, read more at

Williamsburg, Virginia

Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown Seattlement are great places to visit.  Colonial Williamsburg is great for family and plenty to do.  All you need is a good pair of walking shoes, water carrier/backpack, and money for dining and shopping.  And if you happen to be with a group that is planing to dine at a Travens or Inn, pick up a guide, plan your dining arrangements first, than start your self tour. Next time, I will plan two days to visit and enjoy an evening program. 


Woodenface with quote from Thomas Jefferson

Learn about  Williamsburg and Jamestown Settlement, and if you have not been there, make it a venture.  My sister LeRonka Plevney was my tour guide, and the weather gods were kind to use until mid afternoon at Colonial Williamsburg Historic area.  We were running building to building and standing under trees from the pouring rain, after forty-five minutes, the clouds open up and there was light and warmth.  If it wasn’t for the water puddles, a person would have never known it just rain.  Nevertheless my new lesson was to carry a pocket rain jacket for moments like this.  My camera was fine in its waterproof carrier, my drenched hair was dry in minutes as we continued on with our visit to the museum.

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Red Bluff Bull Sale

Red Bluff Bull Sale, Western Art Show was my real reason and interest for being there.  For my friends, Nanci Rogers with “Ace High Leathers” and chef, Sheryl Georgi, with “Bodacious” shared an interest or two as we enjoyed the day.    Sheryl Goergi, was Nanci and my tour guide, sharing how everything worked and what to expect. Nanci’s was visiting the booths and customers, as for me the reason stands for itself, pictures and history.

The geldings and mules including the trainers for the working stock dogs were the highlight for Thursday. This day everything started off at 7am with Geldings & Mules, the last event at 7:30pm Geldings – Conformation Horse Selected and Working Stock Dogs.  It was a long ride but a great day at the fair.

Spyder Ryder of America, ride Hopland Grade.

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Saturday two days before Valentines Day you would have never known winter was hanging in the air of Northern California. The sky was blue and the warm colors from the raising sun, made the morning glow.  The magic of the day was still to come. I was buzzing with excitement and ready to ride with members of the Spyder Ryder of America NorCal/Bay Area Chapter, first “200 Miles to Lunch” Ride. which covered several of my favorite riding area’s. From waterfront, vineyards, valleys and the Hopland Grade. What is so special about the Hopland Grade, at one time it was called the crookesdest road in California.  

Well with all that said the ride started out in Pacheco in Contra Costa County, we across the Carquinez straight, stopping at the Benicia-Martinez Bridge, giving a token of $5.00 per person. Once everyone was regrouped, we were on our way.  The group was well-organized, which made everything move alone like soft butter on bread.  As we continued passing Vallejo Waterfront by Mare Island Way, we turned onto State Route-37 then over to State Route-29 stopping in Calistoga for fuel. Proudly we paraded through the downtown of Calistoga riding our way to Middletown, turn left toward Cobb, which we follow-up all the way to Loch Lomond. Before coming to Kelseyville, we headed northeast to Lower Lake, over to State Route-20, cruising along the shores of Clearlake.  It was great to see the small townships as the Oaks, Nice and others are still growing. Before we knew it we were on one of my favorite rides Ca. State Route 175 “Hopland Grade”. The road was constructed in the early 1920’s. It’s one of the steepest 9% grade and vehicles more than 39 feet are restricted, due to hairpin turns. At the bottom, for the first time I rode county route 111 (aka “Flinstones Lane”) A beautiful scenic and less traveled route.  The moss hanging from the trees was beautiful. Six hours later the group stopped for lunch in Cloverdale. We bid the group of 14 Spyders, 2 motorcycles and 20 riders, good-bye.  We headed south on US 101, to State Route 128 through Sonoma County, to Napa County around the Mayacamas Mountains for the evening.  This was a wonderful and beautiful week-end ride of 862.3 miles. Lookin forward to the next one!

Remember the old, come on with the New.

As I drift through my Wing World magazine issue, I think back to the nice biker-friendly places I/we have visited in the past year/years.  With that said, I am going to cover another subject. For some it’s consider a taboo issue, most of us like to keep short and sweet as simple as it may be. Question is whom is going on the trip? 

Cyndi Baird - Wild Rose Ranch

 When I am at a group function, I sit back in my chair watching the hands raise, while voices happily fill the room, just as it should be.  My mind tallys the number of people, and surveys the persons of whom will be going on the trip.  90% of the time, I know I am going, no matter whom is going or where were going. Yet, the subject whom is going, for me at times is like bubble gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe.  It’s not a bad thing, yet it really does matter whom is going on the trip. 


For myself it has everything to do with self-ego, at mycomfortable age, my style is changing.  Music and dancing is one of my loves, my jigger bug has change to the moon walk, my drinking has changed to wine and beer, sweet pastry is healthy fruit.  When I hear the words all organic, I’m checking it out.  What I like to share is I don’t let my ego stop me. I enjoy the youth, the young adults, and seasoned.  I enjoy the enjoyable, the living, the doing and the part of just being part of the action.  It’s even better than riding solo.  Although the measurement of time keeps creeping up on me, I will remember the old while inviting the new to come on.  My closing thought is this: Ego can be an exaggerated sense of self-importance, don’t let it stop you from people skills, Step Out and Come on with the New.

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A Christmas gathering at Shasta Dream Massage


Siskiyou County, Ca. 

 A blessing of good weather on a winter day as the Siskiyou Lady Riders and friends journey from their home, Redding, Hornbrook, Weed, Mt Shasta, Etna, Montague, and Yreka, to a nice retreat located in the Lake Shastina area. The ladies all left their motor bikes resting in a safe place, and car pooled in groups when it was possible.

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Yes, Ladies, a christmas retreat this year with frosting on the cake.  Crystal and Valerie (Shasta Dream Massage)  hosted the best Christmas party yet, our Siskiyou Lady Riders have had.  Their home/retreat has a pool table room, jacuzzi, Massage Room, Crystal Room, lake side view, outdoor kitchen and many more amenities. In fact I was enjoying the surroundings and friends, my side kick (Ms. Camera) took a break after a couple of clicks. 

To all my friends of families yet to meet

 May your holidays be warm and safe and good health, as you journey into the next year….

Sonoma Coast State Beach, Coleman Valley Road, Occidental


With camera in hand as a welcome guest of Harry James and Karen of Universal Excavation Company, I toured Coleman Valley Road, which is located between Occidental and Sonoma Coast State Park Beach. Harley was my companion for the day, while we cruise

Coleman Valley Road is popular for bicycle  and motorcycle enthusiast during week days. This 9 mile un-keep road with its challenging left and right sweeps are broken as the ride ascent to the top of the world. Here the view opens to layers of thirty shades of greens blending into rolling slopes while in the far distance a tawny colors shows signs of passing summer days.


The forest view is spectacular, unspoiled. My tour guides were sharing, a thought before we descent from Irish Hill, “Spring time is an array of inspiring delights, the hills are Irish green.”  It was easy to tell this is one of Karen and Harry’s favorite roads. 

The mountain descends sharply opening up another  incredible view of the coast along Hwy 1.   Check out you-tube of other bike adventures on Coleman Valley Road.

Change is a funny thing.


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Siskiyou county has several motorcycle groups.  One being the Siskiyou Lady Riders, whom just left the Mother Chapter known as Women in the Wind.  During the time our small group was part of the chapter it was hard work for several of the gals just to keep the membership ledger up, annual filings, month to month reports, and when it comes to volunteers, it was a hit or miss.  The women did work together the best they could with the experience they had, but it was never enough….  When a couple of the key players left due to health and stress… The group had to make a change.  It simplified..  I miss the magazines “Shootin in the Breeze” which I received through the mail, yet other wise nothing seems to be different for me at least.

Change is a funny thing, some times you can make all the changes, and yet!  Still you have the same result.

For me I think, Change happens with-in the person, using my-self as an example.  I am a proud owner of a Honda Trike, The ride and handling the bike gives me joy.  That is what the ride is about.. Now, we, meaning my husband and I also have a Spider, handsome bike.  It rides like a little sportie, nice ride too.  The bike gives me joy.

Now, the story is the boss was going to replace Miss Honda with Mr. Spider.  Sounds simple, right!  Newer bike, replaces, well used machine, time to retire Miss Honda.

No, No, No.  Mr. Spider will be three years old, and Miss Honda is still here, well-worn but Miss Honda is still going on the road.  What happen, the change started but nothing happen. The answer is I didn’t change, Until I change, than Miss Honda will retire.

This is what happen to our group, Most the girls including I, havn’t change as of yet.  Until a few including myself, make a change in our personal life, to foster SLR.  Only then, it can become an Organization, with officers and so forth more formal like.  Now, with all that said, Enjoy every moment, no matter what machine or animal you may ride, or what club you may belong too.  Cause change happens when were involved one way or another.

Four ways? to Montague, Ca. 96064

The small, quaint, historic and identified by the zip code 96064, is Montague,California. The old historic town sits in the beautiful Shasta Valley, which is underlain with volcanic basalt from the eruptions of Mt. Shasta and small hillocks extend from the base of the mountain to just beyond the town. Little known to the outside world the private surrounding of farms and ranches receives its water source from Shasta River which flows through the Shasta Valley through Lake Shastina and past Montague.

The country roads provide more than four (4) ways to reach Montague, yet your choice of; East of Yreka taking Oberlin Rd or Hwy 3 also known as Montague Rd. Driving North from town of Grenada’s, Montague Grenada Rd, provides easy driving. Coming South from Hornbrook, good view of Mt Shasta and small vineyards. Arriving from the East, Ball Mountain Little Shasta Rd, West of Hwy 97 which includes a few turns. Never the less, each one of these routes share history of yester-years, under the eye-sight of Mt Shasta standing in the distance.

For more history of Montague, pass and today, check out;

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Montague’s 96064 Hot-air Affair affair........

Malia, watched the Hand-held balloons bouncing in the air following a child rushing into the street for candy. Figures, tall to short, wide to thin, old to young, are gathering, with energizing appearance keeping the mood light-hearted. Laughter with music, rolling past the restaurant, shops, a park with attractions of goodies. Blocks of little princess’s,clowns, and floats including flames shooting into the clear sky, joyously creating the Montague Hot Air Balloon Fair.
It’s one hot-air affair to remember!

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Hot fun and great rides in the city of Montague, for more information;

Introduction to ballooning,

and what makes this affair happen,

Dan Soraoka presents Responsible Motorcycling

All of us that own motorcycles have heard the question, “What do you want most from your ride?”.  For years now I have owned a Honda Gold Wing GL 1500 Trike, conversion made by California Side Car. My main reason for riding, is to enjoy all the possible sights, smells and sounds that accrue during riding and enjoying the freedom of being out in the open air.
Yet, the most I want from my ride, is being capable of handling my trike, any time, day or night, no matter what weather permits. 

So, here’s when Dan Soraoka presents Responsible Motorcycling comes in.  Sept. 4th, Nanci Rogers with Ace High Leathers, sponsored a motorcycle class, presented by Dan Soraoka, Responsible Motorcycling from Contra Costa, California.  Sweet Ride Fotos joined instructor and students for the day, and like always, it was well worth it.  The students come from a diverse background, as well as ages, from old-ish to middle age, with styles of motorcycles from sports to cruiser.  Several ladies from Redding, Ca. and Medford Oregon joined the reservation list as well.  Classes were held at Yreka RV Park, Rec. Center, Yreka.  Outside course was held at Siskiyou County Airport, Montaque, Ca.


 The students focus on the concept of Safety, Handling the motorcycle, Control, Why use proper clothing, Group riding and what to do as a group during emergency, Solo riding, Do’s and Don’ts, plus more. 


 One of many items that were covered was helmets.  What does DOT mean stamped on the back of the helmet?  Department of Transportation.   DOT, usually  means the motorcycle helmet is with-in guidelines for use on the Highways..  Dan Soraoka also included the Snell Standards.  For my understanding  it is important that the liner in a motorcycle helmet is soft and thick, it’s just as important as the outside due to the severity of the impact. So, when it comes time for a new helmet, even if nothing is wrong with the outside of the old one, Replace it…  After class I did a little internet cruizing and found this article, it makes good reading  check it out at


Soraoka, also is a motorcycle demonstrationist and displayed the capability a newcomer and season riders can do.  Before every pratice a demonstration was completed, for students to follow.

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Dan Soraoka and his team are great instructors, sharing techniques with conversations. For information regarding classes, e-mail Dan Soraoka:

Besides Dan Soraoka many talents, he has also served as past President for Chapter 186, Star Tour & Riding. · Cached page and a chapter newsletter from Hawaii, that had the pleasure of Dan and family stopping in. 

Copy of message from Nanci Rogers to Siskiyou Lady Riders and Friends.

This past June, I was at an event in Reno and met Dan Soraoka.  I was amazed at the skill he had in handling his 900lb Royal Star Venture.  I watched him help set up a rodeo course, which he maneuvered with no trouble, all the while scraping his floor boards.  (The course had to be widened a bit for the average rider.)  Dan also showed me how I could pick up his bike by myself and instilled in me the confidence which I now ride my bike with.  The advice was simple; he taught me how to handle it correctly in a very tight turn.  After corresponding with him for a few months, Dan offered to bring his skills, educational materials and a team of 6 people to our area for a one day, intense, classroom, range and on the road coaching course.  This is truly unique for our area!  We will learn lifelong skills that apply to beginning, intermediate, and advanced riders.  This is not about teaching someone the basics about how to ride a motorcycle.  It is for people who have been on the road for awhile, like us! 

Waterfall Weekend


 Marilyn Vasey idea of a week-end trip was awesome.  Southern Or. Umpqua National Forest and Roseburg District, Bureau of Land Management has twenty-four waterfalls to view.  With just a hand full of girls, three motorcycles and smart car with two passengers, headed out. Usually the water-falls are approx two-hour north of Medford, by way of Crater Lake Hwy (OR-62E), yet with several views and stops on the way, we took our sweet time.

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This year Northern California and Southern Oregon rivers, creeks and waterfalls were beautiful with the help from mother natures late rains, which all in all gave us a great experience enjoying the free shower from the Grotto Falls, with water plunging one hundred feet over a cliff with a trail passing behind the falls into a natural cavern.

At first light we were up and packed, soon heading to Toketee Falls, (which in the Chinook language the word means “graceful” or “pretty”) The nature trail was excellent which was about one-quarter of a mile, including 200 steps, leading to a sturdy wood deck to view the Toketee Falls.  This tiered fall has an upper descent drop of 40 feet, and the lower falls descents 80 feet over the edge of the basalt wall. I could have stayed for hours, the air was so peaceful.

Watson Falls being 272 feet, makes it the highest waterfall in southwest Oregon. It is visible from the parking area between the trees, yet it’s more stunning from a wooden bridge where it continue to flowing down stream, passing mossy rocks and fern as it continues on through the old growth forest. 

    After hiking and making other fun stops, here’s a few tips:

      For motorcycles it would be smart to check road conditions, and surface’s for each waterfall you intent to see.   Gravel or Smooth.

  Photo hint: 
On a sunny day, shoot early to mid morning, or later afternoon when the sun is lower.

Insect Repellent:
Some repellents have a life limit, check the expiration date on the container.

                        Cell Phone Coverage in the Wilderness
 A few things to keep in mind for cell phone. Water, cold, are all bad for cell phones. If you don’t have a cigarette lighter or charger available on your bike or transportation,
turn it off before you pack it.

Take advantage of any battery saving feature like turning off  the vibrating ringers, service beeps or flashing lights.                    

       Check out:,  or for Oregon Fun.  Info on cellphone coverage: